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Below you find all NPEC Tools and equipment. Click on a module to select all tools within that module.

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3D imaging – the Maxi-MARVIN

The Maxi-Marvin is a high throughput plant phenotyping device which has been developed in-house by Wageningen University & Research.
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Bespoke conveyor system and gantries

SMO, the Belgian machine builder, is in charge of installing the bespoke conveyor system and two gantries to make optimal use of the NPEC greenhouse facilities.
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Dual scan PlantEyes – 3D & Multispectral “Camera to Plant” laser scanners

The PlantEye is a unique 3D laser scanner which fuses the 3D data with multispectral information.
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NPEC’s ecotron module consists of a range of fully closed and controlled mesocosm systems that allow for real-life plant (agro-) ecosystem analyses in real time.
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Five HTP growth rooms

This module has been build inside a dedicated building at the Wageningen Campus and has five growth chambers.
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Imaging with CropReporter

PhenoVation, the camera system manufacturer, will provide the CropReporter. This cabinet with a monochrome camera and a filter wheel will provide whole plant imaging on a pixel scale.
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Innovative technologies in the NPEC greenhouse

Bosman Van Zaal has built the NPEC greenhouse on the Wageningen Campus, the design was developed by WUR with advice from PhenoKey.
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Multi-Environment climate chamber

NPEC’s multi-environment module will host a series of 15 small climate chambers with the highest level of homogeneity in temperature, humidity and light intensity available.
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Phenovator II

The Phenovator II is a state-of-the-art phenotyping tool able to measure a broad range of photosynthetic parameters for up to 1440 plants with a maximum diameter of 6 cm.
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Plant-Microbe Interactions phenotyping

NPEC’s Helios phenotyping facility for the quantitive description of shoot architectural traits and the localisation and quantification of fluorescent proteins expressed by plant shoots or associated microorganisms.
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RGB sideview imaging

The RGB sideview imaging tool is able to rotate pots 360° while making RGB sideview pictures from the plant. The number of angles/images can be set for each measurement session.
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SnapScan VNIR for imaging spectroscopy

SnapScan VNIR for imaging spectroscopy

The imec SnapScan VNIR camera is mounted in one of the imaging cabinets in the NPEC greenhouse conveyor system.
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The Robin PSI PlantScreenTM system

The Robin PSI PlantScreenTM system is an independent device which can be used to create a digital phenotype of individual plants.
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TraitSeeker and UAVs

The NPEC Open Field module consists of one easily transportable vehicle, the TraitSeeker and three UAVs, all equipped with state-of-the-art sensors.
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Whole plant phenotyping with the Plantarray

Plant-Ditech, the Israeli Company of Research Excellence, will deliver the Plantarray system in the NPEC greenhouse.
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