The Robin PSI PlantScreenTM system

A mobile Measuring system

The Robin PSI PlantScreenTM system is an independent device which can be used to create a digital phenotype of individual plants. It is also a mobile device, hence easy to transfer to a greenhouse compartment or a climate room. That way, it is easily accessible for ongoing experiments. The Robin PSI is equipped with three sensors:

  • A chlorophyll fluorescence (CF) imaging unit for dark-adapted photosystem II (PSII) efficiency measurements.
  • A red-green-blue (RGB) imaging unit, with top-view and multiple side view options.
  • A 3D laser triangulation scanning unit for 3D reconstruction images.

With the device, you can execute small-scale feasibility tests. These can provide you with valuable information for larger, future research projects. Next to that, since it uses digital phenotyping instead of labour-intensive manual phenotyping, data can be obtained quickly.


The Robin PSI is able to collect the following morphological and physiological data: max PSII efficiency, volume, main stem length, number of leaves, colour, biomass, project leaf area per individual leaf, plant height, internode lengths, number of leaves, etc.

When taking the images, it simultaneously stores the raw data (segmented and 3D point cloud) and all CF and RGB images, for further analysis by other tools.

Important to take into account is that measurements will take a few to several minutes per plant, determined by the size of the plants and the sensors you use. In addition, when working with the CF unit, a dark adaptation period is needed. This takes approximately five to twenty minutes per plant.

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