RGB sideview imaging

The RGB  sideview cabinet has an accurate turn table (0.1 degrees accuracy). Plants entering the cabin are stopped on the turn table. The lifting is needed to be able to rotate the carrier above the conveyor belt as these are guided between side guides on the conveyors. The rotation is used to make pictures with different view angles. The system is able to rotate pots 360° while making RGB sideview pictures from the plant on the turn table equipped with dedicated encoder. (1024 pulses). The number of angles/ images can be set for each measurement session.

Example of an RGB side view image with 6 views of the same plant for which height, width, estimated biomass and solidity is extracted with Python code over the course of an experiment. Please know that this Python code and time series analysis will be provided with the NPEC data from an experiment.

Plant specifications

  • the maximum height of the plants will be 1,5m (including pot)
  • the maximum diameter of the plants will be 0,6m

Camera specifications

Colour area scan camera with Gigabit Ethernet and Power over Ethernet

  • 1″ Progressive-scan-CCD sensor with bayer filter
  • 3384 (H) x 2704 (V) pixel with 3,69 μm pixel size
  • active sensor size: 12,5 mm x 9,9 mm
  • digital output via GigE Vision Standard

The imaging box is equipped with dedicated lighting to ensure homogeneous illumination of the plants. Eight white LED bars are integrated, with individual length of 1.250 mm each.