Innovative technologies in the NPEC greenhouse

The NPEC Greenhouse for Wageningen University & Research at Unifarm will provide specialised equipment for high throughput plant research. Bosman Van Zaal realises the NPEC Greenhouse and technical installations, by design of WUR and advice from PhenoKey. By early 2021 the NPEC Greenhouse will be ready for large scale research and experiments!

The five greenhouse compartments are fully automated and contain conveyor systems, gantries and watering systems. Furthermore, the compartments contain a suit of different cameras and sensors to measure and analyse a myriad of different plant characteristics with fully integrated interaction between all these different systems. The provided software will be very flexible; allowing for easy integration with software for data management, the climate control system and the data acquisition. Below more information on technologies included in the greenhouse can be found.

Highly isolated and technical greenhouse

The NPEC Greenhouse is highly isolated and fully air conditioned with air handling units and outside screening. The greenhouse is equipped with dehumidification and humidification installations and CO2-dosing system. Heating and cooling is realised with a heat pump connected to an aquifer for seasonal thermal energy storage. All installations are integrated within the greenhouse design. The water installations are connected to the existing irrigation units. Climate and water technical installations can be individually controlled by the Hoogendoorn Climate Computer.

3D-model of the climate system