Executive board (EB)

The EB consists of two representatives from each partner. It is responsible for the overall scientific and strategic management of the facility: it decides on the acquisition, maintenance and upgrades of the facility and it closely monitors both the technical progress as well as the financial state of affairs.

Its members are for WUR: Prof.dr. M.G.M. (Mark) Aarts (Chair), Prof. dr. C.S. (Christa) Testerink (WUR) and for UU: Prof. dr. ir. C.M.J. (Corné) Pieterse en Prof. dr. G.A. (George) Kowalchuk.

Supervisory Board

The SB consists of one representative of each consortium partner, and two high-level representatives of NPEC’s stakeholders. The SB monitors the Facility on a ‘not day-to-day basis’ and advises the Executive Board. It approves the annual financial and management reports.

Its members are J.E. (Ernst) van den Ende (WUR), Prof. dr. L.A.C.J. (Rens) Voesenek (UU) (Chair), B.J.G. (Ben) Scheres (RijkZwaan) and Prof. dr. L.E.M. (Louise) Vet (NIOO-KNAW).

Building NPEC

The NPEC building team is responsible for the construction and testing phase of NPEC of the different modules in NPEC, which includes coordination of development of the specifications and descriptions for the different modules towards tendering processes. Selection of suppliers and vendors will take place through an national/ European tender procedures, which will be organized and supported by the Procurement and Tendering Centre of Utrecht University in conjunction with Wageningen University and Research, Shared Research Facilities and the Purchasing Department of Wageningen University and Research Facility Services.

NPEC building team members are for UU: Dr. R.L. (Roeland) Berendsen, Dr. D.H. (Diederik) Keuskamp and for WUR Drs H.J. (Rick) van de Zedde, TP (Dolf) Straathof and Dr. R.M. (René) Klein Lankhorst.

Facility managers (FM)

The FMs are responsible for day-to-day operation of the facility. For their management tasks, they are supported by a small team which provides administrative, financial and communication support. Facility management is coordinated by Dr. D.H. (Diederik) Keuskamp (UU) and Unifarm (WUR).

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB will be composed of national and international renowned researchers and industrial R&D leaders in the field of Plant Sciences. It will advise the facility on its performance and future strategy at least annually, but also on its own initiative.

Members: to be confirmed

User Platform (UP)

The User Platform advises the facility on all practical issues such as the day-to-day functioning of the facility, the peer review process, and opportunities for improvement. The UP will meet at least annually, typically combined with the annual user meeting, but it can also provide feedback on its own initiative.

Members: to be confirmed