Module 7 – Data

Within NPEC all modules have imaging and sensor systems that acquire data first on local hard drives within local PC’s. NPEC has designed a data frame work in which data is automatically synchronized from these local PC’s to a cloud environment at SURF. The NPEC data module has developed the data structure and data processing steps from raw sensor data to interpreted usable information for each sensor for all modules. To organise how the data is stored and structured. For the (large) file storage and metadata organisation NPEC is using iRods, for the information layer NPEC is using PHIS, a phenotyping information system approach developed by INRAE in France.

This module is currently being built at Wageningen University & Research.



dr. S (Sven) Warris


Prof. dr. ir. Dick de Ridder
Dr. Sven Warris
Christine Staiger
Tim van Daalen
Peter Roos
Rick van de Zedde
Dr. Basten Snoek