Module 6 – Open-Field phenotyping

Research in this module takes place outside in the open air, using vehicles and drones equipped with colour, thermal, 3D and hyperspectral cameras. The data produced provides a quick impression of the performance of plants in a trial field. In potato and quinoa, for example, the height of the plants and the temperature of the leaves are recorded with drones, while any developing plant diseases are also detected with hyperspectral cameras mounted on the vehicles.


Berry Onderstal (Drones)
Peter van der Zee (TraitSeeker)


Dr. Christian Bachem
Dr. ir. Frits van Evert
Dr. ir. Ard Nieuwenhuizen
Ing. Gerard Derks
Drs. Rick van de Zedde
Dr. Rene Klein Lankhorst
Dr. ir. Sander Mucher
Dr. Harm Bartholomeus
Dr. ir. Lammert Kooistra
Koen van Boheemen
Julia van Oord
Berry Onderstal
Peter van der Zee
Jelle Jolink

Tools and equipment

TraitSeeker and UAVs

The NPEC Open Field module consists of one easily transportable vehicle, the TraitSeeker and three UAVs, all equipped with state-of-the-art sensors.
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