Module 4 – High-Throughput Phenotyping Climate Chamber

The climate cells in this research module can be used to analyse thousands of plants in a single experiment. These climate cells are packed full with advanced measuring equipment that can provide rapid insight into how different plant varieties behave in varying climate conditions. This facility is already being used for research into accelerating photosynthesis (the conversion of sunlight into growth) in the model organism Arabidopsis. The research to date has revealed, among other things, that specific genes can be linked to the efficiency of photosynthesis. The climate cells can also be used to study the reactions of the root systems of crops such as tomato and potato to salinisation.

This module is located at the Wageningen Campus.

NPEC-Module 4-V7 - low res


Lucas Schmitz (WUR)

Lucas Schmitz

Operational team

Jannick Verstegen
David Brink
Jonathan Hovenkamp
Mark Aarts
Rick van de Zedde

Tools and equipment

Five HTP growth rooms

This module has been build inside a dedicated building at the Wageningen Campus and has five growth chambers.
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Phenovator II

The Phenovator II is a state-of-the-art phenotyping tool able to measure a broad range of photosynthetic parameters for up to 1440 plants with a maximum diameter of 6 cm.
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The Robin PSI PlantScreenTM system

The Robin PSI PlantScreenTM system is an independent device which can be used to create a digital phenotype of individual plants.
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