Module 3 – Multi-Environment climate chamber

The Multi-Environment climate chamber module has been designed to study how plants grow under precisely controlled conditions, and how they adapt to stress. For example, they can use a high-resolution camera to reveal how a pathogen spreads through a plant, or how different types of LED lights affect a plant's immune system. Other research could involve investigating how a plant reacts to changes in light quality, or to floods or drought. This facility can also simulate various climate conditions, for example to study how a plant reacts to frost or to continuous temperatures of above 40°C.

The climate chamber will be housed at Utrecht University.

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Prof. dr. R. (Ronald) Pierik


Prof. dr. Ronald Pierik
Dr. Diederik Keuskamp
et al.

Tools and equipment

Multi-Environment climate chamber

NPEC’s multi-environment module will host a series of 15 small climate chambers with the highest level of homogeneity in temperature, humidity and light intensity available.
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