Module 2 – Plant-Microbe Interaction Phenotyping – Hades

Hades allows the characterization of in-vitro root systems. Up to 10,000 seedlings on more than 2000 Petri-dishes can be automatically processed, including fully automated filling Petri-dishes, sowing and vernalization of seeds, and growing plants in controlled environmental conditions. Moreover, it allows the automatic treatment of roots with microbes or synthetic communities. This system will enable non-destructive and automated close- range assessment of plants' functional dynamics using VNIR hyperspectral imaging, quantitative descriptions of root system architectures, and the localization and quantification of fluorescent proteins expressed by plant roots or by root-associated microorganisms.


These systems have been developed by Photon Systems Instruments.



Marciel Pereira Mendes

Operational team

Vinicius Lube
Marciel Pereira Mendes

Technical experts

Roeland Berendsen
Corné Pieterse

Tools and equipment

Plant-Microbe Interactions phenotyping

NPEC’s Helios phenotyping facility for the quantitive description of shoot architectural traits and the localisation and quantification of fluorescent proteins expressed by plant shoots or associated microorganisms.
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