Module 2 – Plant-Microbe Interactions phenotyping

This module - Plant-microbe interactions, facilitates detailed studies of how soil life such as fungi and bacteria (i.e. the microbiome present in a plant's root system) affects the plant's growth and immune system, or which genetic characteristics enable a plant to benefit the most from the microorganisms in its environment. This ground breaking research will enable breeders to target the selection process and develop plants that need a smaller amount of pesticides, for example.

This module will be located at Utrecht University.

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Dr. R.L. (Roeland) Berendsen


Dr. Roeland Berendsen
Prof. dr. ir. Corné Pieterse
et al.

Tools and equipment

Plant-Microbe Interactions phenotyping

NPEC’s Helios phenotyping facility for the quantitive description of shoot architectural traits and the localisation and quantification of fluorescent proteins expressed by plant shoots or associated microorganisms.
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