Module 1 – Ecotron

In the precision mesocosm-level Ecotron researchers can simulate agricultural and natural ecosystems. They can mimic the complexity of the real world in closed systems of which all aspects can be controlled and measured. Ecotrons provide ideal facilities for studying both above-ground and underground processes to discover which combinations of crops work well together, what the best conditions are for ensuring efficient use of nutrients and preserving soil fertility, how plants interact with other plants and soil life, etc.

The Ecotron will be located at Utrecht University.

Picture iDiv Ecotron


Prof. dr. G (George) Kowalchuk


Prof. dr. George Kowalchuk, et al.

Tools and equipment


NPEC’s ecotron module consists of a range of fully closed and controlled mesocosm systems that allow for real-life plant (agro-) ecosystem analyses in real time.
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