WUR is working on Digital Twins for tomatoes, food and farming

12 February 2020


Wageningen researchers are going to work on Digital Twins in the areas of tomatoes, food and farming. The projects are called Virtual tomato crops; Me, my diet and I; and Digital Future Farm. Digital Twins, one of the three investment themes of the WUR Strategic Plan 2019-2022, is a relatively new concept: computer models of individual objects or processes that are updated on the basis of real-time information.

WUR has searched for Digital Twin projects that can achieve major scientific and social breakthroughs in the Wageningen domains. Collaboration is a high priority for this investment programme, also because knowledge from different disciplines is essential for a successful Digital Twin.

Three subjects were chosen, on which groups of researchers from very diverse disciplines will work in the coming three years. Around 1.2m euros per project has been made available by WUR.

Read more about the three projects on wur.nl.