PlantEye – 3D & Multispectral “Camera to Plant” laser scanners

The PlantEye is a unique 3D laser scanner which fuses the 3D data with multispectral information. It is developed specifically for the needs of plant scientists, breeders and farming automation.

The sensor computes a wide range of plant parameters in real time. These parameters describe the shape and the physiological status of plants, like the digital biomass, leaf area, height or plant health (NDVI and more).

PlantEye is developed with the "Camera to plant" principle. Therefore it is designed to be waterproof, temperature controlled and to function independent of environmental light. This enables it to deliver the same reliable data in the lab, greenhouse and even in the harshest field conditions.

The PlantEye's are delivered by the Dutch company Phenospex and will be mounted to the SMO Gantries.