About NPEC

The Netherlands Plant Ecophenotyping Centre (NPEC) is a joint initiative of Wageningen University & Research and Utrecht University. This integrated, national research facility is housed by Wageningen University & Research and Utrecht University and is co-funded by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

NPEC provides a versatile modular facility that enables Dutch and international scientists, both academic and R&D, to carry out accurate high-throughput plant phenotyping: studies of plant performance in relation to relevant biotic and abiotic factors across a range of scales, from molecule to crop, from nm to km. The NPEC facilities are designed to spearhead innovative research in the plant sciences to help provide the scientific breakthroughs required to develop sustainable agronomic solutions for future food security.

On April 12 2018, the Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Sciences announced the funding of Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre (NPEC) as part of the NWO National Roadmap for Large-scale Scientific Infrastructure. The total costs of NPEC for the coming 10 years are approximately 22 million euros, with the 11 million euros coming from NWO and the remainder from the host institutions. Activities to realize NPEC were officially initiated on October 1st, 2018.