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NPEC facilitates state-of-the-art measurement of plant phenotypes to support research on genotype-phenotype associations. Establishing these associations is critical for the development of novel climate-proof crops and cropping systems. These novel crops and systems are necessary to secure our future high-quality food production, and improve the ecological sustainability of food production.

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About NPEC: high-throughput phenotyping

Plants are absolutely essential to our future, where almost all our food, feed and materials will be derived from plants. Our aim is to enable the development of novel adaptive crops and cropping systems required for future food production and food security without destroying our planet. Our plant phenotyping facilities thus will help to meet the world’s future needs in terms of food and material security: one of the most exciting endeavours for the future.

About NPEC

High throughput and high resolution data from plants both above and below ground.


The NPEC is supported by a large number of partners and companies.


NPEC comprises six complementary, experimental modules.

What is eco-phenotyping?

Plant phenotyping under ecological relevant conditions.

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