Netherlands Plant Ecophenotyping Centre


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The NPEC is supported by a large number of partners and companies.

Phenotyping Modules

NPEC comprises six complementary, experimental modules.

What is Phenotyping?

Innovative tools to help understand the interaction between genotypes and environment.

About NPEC

The Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre provides a versatile modular platform to enable scientists to carry out accurate high-throughput phenotyping: studies of plant performance in relation to relevant biotic and abiotic factors across a range of scales.

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Latest News

€5.7 million towards future-proof lettuce varieties

A new €5.7 million research project has been set up in order to make lettuce more resistant to pathogens and the effects of climate change as well as to improve its performance in new growing systems. To this end, researchers from institutions including Utrecht University will map the properties and genetic codes of 500 wild and cultivated lettuce varieties. ‘Our aim is to combine the most advantageous properties of these lettuce varieties into new varieties that will eventually end up on our plate.’

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Genes+environment = plant. New research centre for phenotyping starts up

A complex interaction between genes and environment determines the characteristics of a plant. That interaction is the focus of a big new research centre: Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre. With the knowledge acquired there, scientists hope to breed robust lettuce. Or salt-resistant potatoes.

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